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Bottle Gourd plant ready for planting for sale at Toi Toi Botaniclas
buy bottle gourd plants in NZ
Growing grourds in NZ | Plants available at Toi Toi Botanicals

Bottle Gourd Plants x 3

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Growing gourds is so much fun and you can use the dry gourd to make bowls, vases or lanterns.

Sold in lots of three - one per pot

Bottle Gourd plants are sold in recycled pots and are ready to be planted in the ground.

They produce the large round gourds with the botanical name: Lagenaria siceraria

We have the capacity to do bulk lots of gourd seedlings but will need a little notice as we only have a limited supply of stock ready at one time.

Gourds are heavy feeders and will need somewhere with a little space to spread out.

We have a created a detailed article on how to grow gourds here: Growing Gourds in NZ

 You can find Gourd Seeds here if you want to grow your own from seed: Bottle Gourd Seeds