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About Us

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Toi Toi Botanicals is a boutique grower of dried flowers, herbs, leaves and seeds, based in Nelson, New Zealand.

We are a family run business that works with nature to create a healthy growing environment that enables us to offer a high quality product at a competitive price.

We make our own compost, have a worm farm that produces an amazing natural fertiliser plus we collect a little rain water for our plants as we work towards a larger system. All of the images you see throughout our website (except two) are of our own botanicals.

We are a 'do no harm' business and all of our botanicals are packaged in cardboard boxes, paper bags with paper tape or in compostable cellulose bags. Items are couriered out in home compostable mailers - we've conducted our own testing to ensure that they are home compostable and that they do break down.

How we got started:

We were already growing the botanicals for our other business (The Loofah Patch) because we found it difficult to source good quality dried flower petals and herbs in NZ for bath and body products - dried rose petals should be vibrant colours, calendula petals should be bright orange and yellow and free from leaves or hard seeds and herbs should be freshly dried so they still have their beautiful aroma.

We expanded our growing space so that we can share our freshly dried flowers and herbs with other creators while also wild-harvesting or collecting other gifts from nature along the way that we hope you'll find useful for your business or craft.


     Our motto: 'Gotta love nature's beauty!'