About Us

What Toi Toi Body Care offers:

  • New Zealand grown loofah products
  • No use of palm oil
  • Eco-conscious brand with biodegradable packaging

The meaning of Toi Toi

Toi Toi : to encourage, inspire or motivate (Maori)

Toi Toi Toi:  to ward off bad luck, like 'break a leg' or 'touch wood' (English and German)

Toi: one of the meanings of 'you' (French)


We are a NZ owned family business and are the growers and creators of the natural loofah products featured on our website. Although we have recently launched Toi Toi Body Care (April 2019), we have been working on research and development for over the past five years. Growing loofah (luffa) on a commercial scale in the NZ climate is challenging but we choose to do this for two reasons:

  1. So we can do our part to rid NZ of the awful plastic loofahs (shower poufs)
  2. So we can guarantee our customers the most natural and purest products.
I am passionate about not using palm oil in any of the products we create and have chosen a minimal packaging approach, what little packaging we have is biodegradable and able to be composted at home.


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The team that makes it all happen:

Dianne: Vine management, sales and marketing

Lyall: Assists with growing and processing

Brayden: Assists with growing and testing

Logan: Assists with product creation and testing

Roz: Assists with growing, testing and sales


We have several new products in development where you are welcome to signup to our newsletter and be the first to know when these are released or you can stay in touch via our Facebook page.



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