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About Us

Our Story

We are a family owned business based in Nelson, New Zealand and are the growers of most of the products available on the Toi Toi Botanicals website. We are also loofah growers and offer our NZ grown loofah products through The Loofah Patch website: for loofah click here.

We started the botanicals website because of the constant disappointment in the quality of the botanicals currently available - dried rose petals should be vibrant colours and not brown, calendula petals should be bright yellow and orange and free from hard leaves and seed bits and chamomile should be freshly dried so it still has a scent and is not disintegrating. Anyway, we started growing our own botanicals for The Loofah Patch brand and have now expanded to grow enough for sale and have included other products that we hope you find useful for your business or craft.

The photos you see on our website are of our actual botanicals and are not stock photos. We strive to offer a high quality product at a competitive price - please let us know if something is below par so we can amend it.

We are a 'do no harm' business and all of our products and/or packaging (including courier bags) are biodegradable or recyclable with cotton stitching in our sewn products and with glass or aluminium product containers. Botanicals and other products are packaged in cardboard boxes or paper bags with paper tape.


    The Meaning of Toi Toi:

    Toi Toi: A suburb in Nelson, NZ - a great place to live.

    Toi Toi (Maori): to encourage, inspire or motivate.

    Toi Toi Toi (German):  to ward off bad luck, like 'break a leg' or 'touch wood'.

    Toi (French): one of the meanings of 'you'.