About Us

Toi Toi - Bath Body & Home:

    • New Zealand made, botanical bath, body and home products.
    • Natural products with a focus on sensitive skin.
    • No use of palm oil in any of the products stocked.
    • Featuring eco-conscious brands with biodegradable packaging.

The meaning of Toi Toi:

Toi Toi : to encourage, inspire or motivate (Maori)

Toi Toi Toi:  to ward off bad luck, like 'break a leg' or 'touch wood' (English and German)

Toi: one of the meanings of 'you' (French)


About Us:

We are a family owned NZ business based in Nelson and are also the growers and creators of the natural loofah products featured on Toi Toi under The Loofah Patch brand. 

We are passionate about offering eco-friendly, natural options for bath, body and home. Products that are good for the skin or work well in the home and do no harm to the environment.

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Dianne Dunn