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Sweet Gum Seed Pods - Natural

Sweet Gum Seed Pods - Natural

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Sweet Gum seed pods are the fruit of the Sweet Gum Tree, they dry on the tree leaving behind a spiky ball that contains the seeds. They're also known as 'gumballs' or 'spike balls'.

They have a unique texture with their spikiness and offer a visual difference when added to potpourri or when added as a decoration to terrariums.

These are in their natural brown colour (non-dyed). and range in pod size to between 2.5cm - 3cm. Most have stems.

Some ideas for what they can be used for:

  • Decoration in potpourri
  • Decoration in terrarium
  • Added to wreaths

Single pods @ 50c each

Pack of 50 pods - $22.50 (.45c each)

Pack of 100 pods - $40.00 (.40c each) Currently Out of Stock

Grown in Nelson, New Zealand