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Small dried strawflowers | Dried helichrysum nz
small strawflowers for crafting projects | Toi Toi Botanicals

Small Strawflower Heads - Mixed

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50 small strawflower heads in mixed colours, which includes pinks, reds, yellows, whites and oranges.

Flower size is small at 2cm - 2.5cm with a mixture of partially closed and open flowers. These are much smaller compared to our standard sized flower heads - Suitable for smaller crafting projects.

Pictured is 54 small strawflower heads. Black round tray not included.

Grown by Toi Toi Botanicals.

If showing as out of stock: We update regularly, we put these little cuties aside as we sort through the larger strawflowers so keep checking back. You are welcome to contact us and let us know that you're wanting them and we'll put aside for you.