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Make your own natural insecticide with Pyrethrum
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Pyrethrum Daisy Seeds

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With a white daisy that not only looks great in the garden but the flower heads are used as a natural insect repellent for sap sucking bugs which means in companion planting that the  neighboring plants are mostly bug free also.

Perennial plant that grows around 40 - 70cm in height

40 Seeds harvested from last seasons flowers

The flower heads are used to make the natural pyrethrum spray. For a homemade solution you can make a tea with the flower heads, wait till it cools and strain. You will need a small amount of a surfactant like dishwash liquid to help it stick to the plant, spray on. Please note that although this is a natural remedy it could still harm beneficial insects so it's best to spray in the evening when the bees and butterflies aren't around.