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Dried kawakawa flakes NZ

Kawakawa Flakes - Dried

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Kawakawa leaf wild harvested from around the Tasman district and from our own Kawakawa bushes where we sustainably handpick a small amount of leaves from each plant.

Sold in lots of 10gm

Perfect for using in kawakawa infusions or kawakawa tea.

The kawakawa leaf is gently hand cleaned in cool water before the leaves are air dried and flaked to ensure they are at their optimum.

  • Kawakawa can be used for skincare creations such as balms, soap, and creams
  • You can add the flakes directly to a warm/hot bath and use as a kawakawa bath tea
  • Used for kawakawa tea or you can add to your cooking to enhance the flavour
  • Used for oil infusions - for skincare products