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Dried flower petals and flower heads by Toi Toi Botancials
Dried flower petals for confetti available at Toi Toi Botancals
Dried flower petals in small bowls before mixed
Flower petals for wedding confetti nz grown by Toi Toi Botanicals

Dried Flower Petal Mix

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A mixture of dried flower petals including:

Sunflower | Rose | Hydrangea | Forsythia | Dahlia | Baby Eucalyptus leaves | Daisy | Peony | Borage | Cornflowers

500mls of flower petals (2 cups), packaged in a biodegradable cello bag.

Grown by Toi Toi Botancials, handpicked and sundried in small batches so the petals retain their vibrant colours.