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Exfoliating NZ grown loofah
A natural loofah for gently exfoling the body

Exfoliating NZ Loofah

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Have you tried our gentle exfoliating NZ grown loofahs yet?

Along side the flowers and herbs that we grow for Toi Toi Botanicals we also have a loofah patch where we grow these truly fascinating exfoliating sponges (although technically they're not a sponge).

Our particular variety is quite soft and is good if you don't want anything too scratchy for gently exfoliating the body. They are in-between a plastic shower pouf and a brush - much softer than the pumice type rock hard loofahs that you find at the chemist.

Anyway we decided to add them to our botanical skincare range over here at Toi Toi Botanicals.

Loofah measures 20cm x 7cm. They are non-bleached but are a beautiful off white colour.

Comes with a green cotton handle.

Each loofah is unique in shape, size and colour - that's one of the charms of them.

The loofah, handle and packaging are fully home compostable.

If you would like to know more about how we grow the loofah - see here at The Loofah Patch.

If you want to check out all the loofah products we have on offer, you can visit our sister site at The Loofah Patch