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Dried toe toe flowers | Dried toi toi flowers
dwarf toi toi flower | dwarf toe toe flower

Dried ToeToe | Toitoi

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These stems are from our dwarf Toetoe bushes also known as Toitoi - Chionochloa Flavicans.

They're not as large as the full toetoe or the Pampas grass flowers - flower heads measure 15-23cm long and approx 10cm wide. Full length of stem is 42cm

Sold per stem

Nice natural colour, dried on a drooping stem. The images are showing as a little whiter than the actual flower - they are more yellow/creme without the dirty look.

We have done our best to accurately describe and photograph these beautiful fluffy toetoe/toitoi flowers, each one is unique, if you feel like we've missed something in our description, please let us know.