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Whole dried kawakawa leaves available at Toi Toi Botanicals
Whole dried kawakawa leaves
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Dried Kawakawa Leaves

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Kawakawa - Piper excelsum

Whole dried leaves sold in lots of 20gms.

The leaves are very light when dried so 20gms is a lot of kawakawa - as ahown in image

A popular choice for skincare products as kawakawa is well known for it's for skin healing abilities. Leaves can also be broken up and used in tea.

We harvest sustainably from our own Kawakawa plants where we hand pick only small amounts at a time from several plants to allow each plant to thrive.

Some of the leaves will have holes in them but don't be alarmed as these are the most potent ones.

Great for cold infusions over a four to six week period. Break or cut up before adding to oils.