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hops growing on the vine  New Zealand
Dried NZ hops flowers cones | Hops for tea
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Dried Hops Flowers NZ

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2024 Harvest now in stock - Grown in Nelson

Hops flower - also known as hops cones or strobiles are perfect for hops tea, infusing in oils for skincare creations or combine with other aromatic herbs in a sleep pillow.

Our hops flowers are small and dainty, are spray free and are grown along side our other botanicals.

The flowers have dried in an open cone form and they have kept their beautiful green colour. The hops for brewers is usually harvested past this point, commercial growers wait a little longer for the cones to start to break up before harvesting. 

You will receive 10gms (approx two large cups) of dried hops flowers with no stalk - about (as pictured).