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Calendula petals for skincare or soapmaking
Buy dried calendula petals at Toi Toi Botancials
Beautiful calendula flower growing in the Toi Toi garden
Bright calendula petals ready for drying at Toi Toi Botancials

Dried Calendula Petals

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Beautiful vibrant coloured calendula petals with no seeds or leaves - just pure petal.

Sold in lots of 250mls (one cup) in oranges and yellows mixed.

Amount pictured is what you will receive.

Our calendula is handpicked and the petals are dried in small batches - drying just the petals and not the whole flower head eliminates the inclusion of other unwanted bits and allows the petal to retain it's beautiful colour.

Please note that our petals may be daintier/smaller than what you are used to, this is due to the process we dry them to keep up the quality.

Calendula petals are suitable for use in skincare, oil infusions, soaps, body care products and teas.

Grown by Toi Toi Botanicals in Nelson, NZ.