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Dandelion seeds available at Toi Toi Botanicals
Dandelion Seeds
Dandelion Seeds availbale in NZ at Toi Toi Botanicals

Dandelion Seeds

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30 seeds with the pappus (wispy part) still attached.

Some may consider the humble dandelion a weed but it has a range of beneficial uses:

  • The flowers, leaves and roots are edible and can be a good source of vitamins.
  • You can make Dandelion tea to help aid digestion along with a broad range of benefits.
  • Dandelion is great in skincare as it is said to be rich in antioxidents and have anti-aging properties.

We are also currently infusing Dandelion Flowers so check under 'Infused Oil' section if you want to purchase already made infusions.