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Collection of NZ Banksia Seed Pods at Toi Toi Botanicals
Single Banksia cone for sale at Toi Toi Botanicals

Banksia Seed Pods (cones)

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These Banksia Cones (Banksia integrifolia) have been cleaned and are free from any seeds.

They are perfect to add to wreaths or look good in a potpourri bowl (along with the sweet gum pods) as they have an interesting pattern to them.

Each seed pod is unique in size and patterning but are generally around 10-14cm long and approx 4cm in diameter.

Sold per seed pod.

Please note:  This particular variety are smaller than some of the Australian Banksia Seed Pods where they can be used for making bowls and aroma pods. As you can see from the photos, ours seem to be longer and thinner.