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Buy annatto seeds nz from Toi Toi Botanicals
A natural yellow soap dye - annatto seeds available from Toi Toi Botancials

Annatto Seeds

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Annatto seeds come from the achiote tree and are a great natural dye. They are used as a natural food colouring, to colour soaps or balms.

Available in lots of 50gms or 100gms

In the photo you can see the beautiful yellow colour in Melt & Pour soap, in cold or hot process soap the colour is similar but a little less vibrant. The colour does fade after a few months if out in the sun (such as at markets) so it is recommended to test first.

Can also be used to give balms a beautiful yellow colour.

How to use: I've found a hot/warm infusion directly while melting hard oils or while melting M&P soap and then straining out the seeds (before mixing with the lye) works well.  Not soluble in water.

Product Origin: Vietnam