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alkanet root for dying soap in whole and flakes available at Toi Toi Botanicals
Alkanet root soap colours nz

Alkanet Root

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Alkanet is part of the borage family and its roots make a beautiful red natural dye.

This is for whole/flaked alkanet root pieces that you flake off (not the powder form).

Available in 20gm lots

Used as a natural fibre dye, to colour food red, to tint balms red,  to colour candle wax pink or to colour soap purple/blue.

Testing is advised for your soap/skincare recipe - As you can see from our photos that colour differences occurred with the same alkanet root but varied ingredients.

If there is no saponifaction then your oils will remain red but once saponification occurs the colour changes to a purple/blue.


Rectangle soap - Cold process high coconut oil recipe

Bowl - Just with coconut oil (unsaponified)

Round soap - Cold Process high olive oil recipe that creates an earthy purple colour

Flower - white Melt & Pour soap


Infuse in warm oils or in alcohol. Insoluble in water.