Round soap lift - Loofah soap cushion
Soap Lift - Loofah soap cushion

Loofah Soap Cushion - 2 Sizes

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Use handmade soap and need to keep it up out of the moisture? Nature has created the perfect weave to assist with drying soap...These natural soap cushions are perfect for letting the water drain away from your soap to keep it nice and dry and therefore lasting longer.

Made from a 100% loofah (luffa) grown in New Zealand. Natural colour with no bleaching. Two sided to give extra drainage.

Round or oval sizes available

Round measures 8.5cm

Oval measures 8cm x 11cm

Care Instructions: As this is a non-bleached plant fibre it may darken over time. To clean: give the soap cushion a good rinse under warm water and shake off excess water and let dry. The soap cushion will expand when wet but will shrink back down once dry.

Depending on the colourant used in the soap, the soap cushion could appear stained  - a soak in hot water will usually get rid of or lighten this.

Replace when the fibres start to break down or if you see black or red mould.

Uses: You don't have to use the soap cushion for just soap, it could instead be used as a body scrub, a natural pot/pan scrub or a bathroom cleaning scrub as they are a great alternative to using plastic.