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Loofah Soap - Natural Gardeners Scrub

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Our loofah soap is made with the simplest of ingredients to give you a the most moisturising clean. Perfect for sensitive skin as there is no colouring or fragrances, just pure castile soap. Exfoliates your hands leaving them silky and smooth

  • Perfect for gardeners - Cleans up your hands in no time without drying them out.
  • Perfect for those who use hand scrubs - Use to exfoliate hands, leaving them soft and silky smooth.
  • Perfect for kids and teenagers - Cleans up hands, knees and feet while still being gentle on the skin.
  • Great for hardworking hands like mechanics - Will remove grease and carbon and because of the moisturising properties of the olive oil, you can scrub your hands several times a day without causing hands to dry out and crack.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil - that's it! oh and the loofah of course. 

(Olive oil, water, lye and the loofah piece)

Weight: 50gms

Loofah Soap Care Instructions:

Rinse after use and place with loofah face down in a dry place, this will ensure the loofah soap lasts. This is handmade soap without all the preservatives and will turn mushy if left in the wet.

The loofah will out-last the soap and you can continue to use the loofah once all the soap is gone.

Discard and replace when the loofah fibres start to break apart or if you see black mould on the loofah - Keeping dry in between uses prevents mould and keeps fibres strong.