Loofah hearts gift on blue canvas background
Loofah hearts in a floating frame with a blue canvas background
Back of loofah art in floating frame

Loofah Hearts Floating Frame

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Brighten up your wall with our loofah hearts on canvas. With a stunning blue background in a floating birch frame these hearts are dainty and unique.

Ready to hang or can be stood on a flat surface (where there is no breeze).

Frame is 40cm x 20cm, canvas size is 30cm x 10cm

Made from our NZ grown loofah - We keep our loofah art as uniform as possible but as each loofah is different in fibre consistency, there will be slight variances - that's the beauty of the loofah, no two pieces are exactly the same.

We can make to order so if you're wanting the hearts to run down the canvas rather than across it, we are happy to create (just use our contact page). We can also create with a different coloured background or different coloured loofah hearts so if you are wanting something specifically to suit your decor just let us know.