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Loofah Face Puffs

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 The softest of all our loofah, they are perfect for a gentle face exfoliation.

There is a very limited supply as nature only gives us a selected few of these soft little face puffs each season.

  • Gently exfoliate away dead skin cells
  • Encourages good circulation
  • 8cm long when dry

When you receive your face puff it will be dry and feels quite hard and brittle (don't worry, although they feel fragile the fibres are very strong and will not break), once you soak (before using) it will puff up and soften considerably. 

Loofah Care Instructions

  • Soak before use for a few minutes where they will soften and puff up.
  • Use gently use in a circular motion.
  • When finished rinse with clean water and set aside to dry - drying in between uses prevents mould from forming and ensures your loofah stays in perfect condition for longer.
  • Discard and replace when the face puff starts to break apart or if you see black mould. Your loofah may discolour overtime and start to brown, this is ok so long as you are rinsing each time.