Botanical Wall Decal - Cosmos Pink Rim
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Botanical Wall Decal - Cosmos Pink Rim

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A stunning pink ringed cosmos reaching for the sun on a removable round wall decal is sure to brighten up any space.

Our botanical wall decal is 18cm x 18cm (the size of a round side plate)

Made from fabric, the decals are removable and super easy to apply.

$23.00 for one botanical decal

$55.20 for three botanical decals of any combination - a saving of 20%  - just add 'THREE' as the discount code at checkout. Discount code also applies for more than three items e.g. save 20% on five decals.

Please allow an extra five working days for your order to be shipped.

Where to use:

  • Can be used on any clean, smooth surface like a painted wall.
  • Perfect for adding some brightness to the office space.
  • Perfect for rented homes where you're not able to hang pictures.
  • Perfect to brighten up a dark corner in the home where you might not be able to place a house plant. You will see in the product pics that the darkest corner in my home now has some life added to it.

Places you shouldn't place:

  • In the bathroom where it's often damp
  • In full direct sunlight - contact us and we can arrange UV protected decals


About the images:

You are purchasing an image direct from the photographer (that's me), no stock images. I love all things botanical (I guess that's why I'm a loofah grower) and photography is a way to capture a flower at it's peak before it's gone. #gottalovenaturesbeauty