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Natural pot scrubber

Loofah Pot Scourer

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A natural pot scourer that is made from 100% plant fiber and can be composted when you have finished using. The fibers are strong and durable and will last for months if looked after properly.

Suitable for scrubbing pots and pans, plastic dishes, ceramics or crockery. Not suitable for non-stick materials (where the use of a soft cloth for cleaning is advised)

These loofah scrubs can also be used in the bathroom for scrubbing the bath, shower walls and bathroom sink. Not recommended for painted surfaces. Has not been tested on glass.

Each loofah pot scrubber is unique in size and shape and measures approx 6cm long and 4-5cm wide.

Loofah Care Instructions: After use, rinse out and leave to dry. It is time to replace when fibers start to break apart or if any mould is present (the key to avoiding mould is to keep dry in between uses).

These are a great natural alternative to the green scourers as they are 100% plant fiber and can be home composted.