Natural loofah dish scrubby
Natural dish scrubber - Made in New Zealand
NZ made natural loofah dish scrubber in the kitchen

Loofah Dish Scrubber

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An eco-friendly dish scrubber. Perfect for pots and pans and anything you would use a green scourer for. The best part is that they're fully home compostable as they are 100% plant material with double cotton stitching and a cotton handle.

Size is 11cm x 5cm with loofah filler to ensure they stay puffed up to fit nicely in your hand for scrubbing.


  • In the kitchen - for dishes, pots and pans
  • In the bathroom - Great for cleaning the bath and sink
  • In the laundry - great for cleaning out buckets and pet bowls

Where you can't use them:

  • Not suitable for non-stick surfaces
  • Not suitable for painted surfaces
  • Not tested on glass, such as glass shower doors etc


Rinse and shake out excess moisture after use. Allow to dry in-between uses. It's time to replace when the fibres start to break apart.

Made with New Zealand grown Loofah.