Loofah Body Scrub Pad from The NZ Loofah Patch - Toi Toi Botanicals
Loofah body scrub pad - Toi Toi
Loofah body scrub pad on it's side - Toi Toi
loofah body scrub with green handle
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Loofah Body Scrub

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A NZ grown natural loofah body scrub that fits perfectly in your hand and includes a soft cotton handle.

Puffs up and softens when wet for a gentle body exfoliation.

11.5cm x 8.5cm x 3cm     These are smaller than our Loofah Soap Pockets

These wear well and will last for several months with 100% natural fibres and with cotton handle and cotton stitching they can be added to your home compost when they are done.

You can either lather up your body with soap and use or soap up the loofah and then scrub. Works well with liquid body wash too.

These loofah body scrubs can also be used for dry brushing - just rinse and allow to dry after use to keep clean.

A range of coloured cotton handles to choose from:

  • Red
  • Taupe
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Forest Green
  • Natural Jute (not as soft as the cotton)

Want to know more about loofah and how they are grown - Check out 'The Loofah Patch' website.