Large NZ grown loofah. Natural exfoliation
Large NZ Natural loofah - Toi Toi
Exfoliating loofah NZ and Aloe

Large Natural Loofah (Luffa)

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This natural loofah is grown in New Zealand - A variety that's well known for it's high quality fibres while also being soft and luxurious on the skin for a gentle exfoliation.

From nature to you in their purest form with no bleaching or fumigation - In a class of their own.
35 - 40cm long approx
  • New Zealand grown
  • Use the rope from packaging as a handle
  • Will last 2-3 months if cared for correctly
  • Loofahs are 100% plant fibre
    • Meaning they are biodegradable
    • Compostable in home compost bin
    • No harm to marine environment if fibers do go down the drain
  • No overseas shipping available for this product

Each and every loofah is unique and different in size and shape - that's the beauty of nature! Our loofah are not flattened for postage and will arrive to you light and puffy, they will puff up even more once they are wet.

Loofah Care Instructions

  • Remove packaging, you can use the marine grade rope as a handle or compost.
  • Initial use: soak the loofah for 2-10 minutes - The loofah will soften after every use.
  • In between uses: rinse and allow to dry - This is important to prevent moulding and fibre breakdown
  • Discard and replace: Once the fibres start to break apart or if you see any black mould on the loofah.

Body Care Instructions

  • External use only
  • For sensitive skin: test on a small patch of skin first before using on whole body
  • Not recommended for use on face. 


Where do loofahs come from? Grown on a vine (not in the ocean as many people believe), the fibres are formed as the loofah fruit dries off, we carefully clean the loofah using just water (with no bleaches or chemicals) and hang to dry out in the Nelson sun. These are their natural colour. If you would like to find our more about how loofahs are grown click here

The Loofah Patch